I walked into Round 2 with just over 20 big blinds, which was a good stack to start off with. The night started well, I was able to pick up a few blinds and saw a lot of pocket pairs. My “funniest” had to be when I was dealt pocket Queens on the big blind and everyone folded. As the blinds went up, my stack was doing a pretty good job of keeping up. I had around 5000 chips when my big hand of the night took place.

I was playing middle position and the person first to act limped in with a call. The action moved to me and that’s when I looked down at my cards: “The Rocket” had a nice set of pocket Rockets (AdAs). I figured that I wanted some isolation and I wanted to play a person who either had another pocket pair or 2 face cards. So, I raised big, around 3 times the big blind and as planned I got my isolation with 1 caller, the player at first position. This was good: I was playing one other person, they had a similar stack to mine, and I had a position advantage on them. It’s fair to say I was really hoping to double up on this hand.

The flop came out as Kc,5c,10d with the other player betting around ½ the pot. My thinking at this point was they either hit their K or it was a semi bluff for the flush draw and I had discounted the possibility of another pocket pair. If it was the flush draw, I wanted to make the odds against staying in the hand, and if it was a K that they hit, then I’d still be ahead if they called. I decided to go all-in, putting the odds slightly against calling with a 4 flush. The player called and when we flipped the cards over, they had a 4 flush. My all-in had not scared them away, but no matter, the odds were in my favor, so this was good, right?

The turn was 3h and I was on my way to doubling up and already counting my winnings. Then, the river happened, it was a 9c. And with that, my friends, my poker run this year had ended. The graph of my probability of winning is below, and it was surprisingly similar to how my heart rate went. See you next year!


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