Going into Round 2 of the tournament, I was sitting in the bottom 10% in chip count. I would love to say that I overcame the near impossible and came out on top, but the reality is far less entertaining.

My table was very fast paced with not much action. Dealer button started on the 2nd position and, sitting at 7th, I knew I would have, at most, two rounds to catch a solid hand and try to bring in some more chips. Unfortunately, the cards were not kind and I saw a lot of 2 & 4-10 off suit with only two face cards making appearances the entire time.

After about 15 hands and the blinds (100/200) looming, I finally caught A8c. This is not my favorite hand but with my low chips ($550) and poorly dealt hands previously, I had to be aggressive. First to act calls and I push all-in, everyone else folds and he calls. We turn them over and I see one of the worst scenarios, he has AA. Flop is very red and contained nothing that would lead to a potential straight with my 8.

For being my first tournament at SIG, I’m proud of my brief appearance in the 2nd round. I’m sure there will be many more times to practice before next year, and by then I’ll be the “Veteran.”

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