My first SIG tournament started quite aggressively – the first hand dealt picked up 4 players and ended with a quick chip lead for an opponent. After folding a few hands, I caught 9s and minimum raised which was called by 2 others. The flop came 10/9/10 and I knew that I had pretty good odds to run away with this hand. I bet 6x the blind (10/20) which caught a strong raise from the chip lead and I raised all-in. With a call, she showed 10/Q, and with few outs, I doubled my stack. Before break I played med/high strength hands and held chip lead, but after dinner I loosened up and started playing some not-as-great-hands. This worked for a while but didn’t last long. After a reshuffling of tables, a fellow team member (who obviously took no pity that this was my first tournament) stepped in short stacked. After playing a few of those not-so-great-hands, he quickly cut my chips in half and the roles were reversed. Thankfully, we were nearing the cut off of players moving to the 2nd round, so I was able to limp in. I know I will need to double up early in Round 2 to have a chance!

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