I started my campaign with high hopes, donning a wolf hat and shades, brimming with confidence after practicing my smack-talk in the mirror all night. After a few orbits, the poker gods smiled on me and I was looking down at pocket Aces. But much to my dismay, I got no action, and earned a measly 4 BBs for my trouble.

After bluffing at a pot I shouldn’t have, my stack was down to 9 BBs, so when I was dealt pocket 9s in late position I decided it was time to shove. I got called by KJo, which had me slight favourite. The flop came down AQ4, and a 2 on the turn left my opponent with only 10 outs (~80% for a Hollywooder win), one of which he guttingly hit, a 10 to give him a straight and leave me with one big blind to play with. I ‘shoved’ next hand with a suited Ace, and quadrupled my baby stack in a side pot hitting the Ace high flush.

A few hands later, I get KTs and it’s time to make another move. I get called by JJ, which makes me a 2/1 underdog. The Flop comes down with a K which gives my opponent 2 outs with 2 cards to come (a Hollywooder win around 90% at this point), but I am once again foiled by a J on the turn, and with that it is time to take off the wolf hat, lose the shades, and go home to contemplate what might have been.

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