BEEP BOOP BEEP. What’s that sound? That’s right, The Calculator’s at the table, so get ready to get totaled! All jokes aside, the first half of Round 1 was pretty uninteresting for me. I managed to take down a few small pots by raising preflop and continuation betting, but I also bled some chips by taking some cheap flops in position and subsequently whiffing. At one point, I did shove with 99 over an all-in by a player with only 190 chips left, but he tabled KK, which held. After the break, I was left with around 1,000 chips, and the blinds quickly increased to 50/100. I knew I had to make a move soon and double-up to have a chance in this tournament. I first tried getting someone to call an all-in with AKs, but everyone else just folded to me. A few minutes later, I got all-in preflop with 77, but as luck would have it, someone else woke up with AA. For the second time that night, my lower pocket pair couldn’t beat the odds and crack a higher one, and I was out of the tournament.

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