My last hand in the tournament was a solid, played-to-the-hilt hand.
I was at the point in my game where either I folded until the blind came back around and knocked me out on a bad hand
I had to play on principal, or I could go out swinging on a good hand. I chose the latter, of course.
I went into play with a Q9, the flop revealed 9 10 K. How could I lose? (Answer: any number of ways, but I was in an optimistic mood)
My opponent raised, not quite enough to send me reeling, but close enough. I decided to throw caution to the wind and go all-in
in the hopes of a straight or a second pair. Alas, it was not to be; my opponent matched my bet and flipped over a AK.
My hopes for outs never materialized, and I was out. I had a lot of fun in the tournament, and now that I’ve whet my
appetite, I’m hungry for more. I plan to spend the next year studying and practicing with my friends, and hope to come back
swinging next year. Not bad for a newbie!

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