Today’s guest post comes from The Poker Shark, an Assistant Trader originally from Chicago, IL. With a loose aggressive poker style and a lot of confidence, this Shark is a fun one to watch!

It’s better to be lucky than good, but it’s even better to be both! I think it’s fair to say that it was mostly my good play (not the two runner-runner full houses I hit last round) that really launched me to the top of the standings. Down to my last few big blinds with all my chips in the pot, I was staring at a flop where my pocket sixes had missed and my opponent had made trip fives. The turn paired an eight on the board, giving him fives-full and leaving me way behind. Another eight on the river gave me a full house of my own, counterfeiting his, and serving as the launching point for a hot streak for the ages. After that, I couldn’t miss! My suited cards turned into four-flushes on the flop, my connectors became straights, my Ax hands flopped to TPTK, and my pocket pairs turned into even more runner-runner boats. Maybe my lucky charms get the credit, maybe it’s that Venus is in the 2nd house, maybe the Year of the Ram is bringing me good luck instead of bad – all I know for certain is that if this run continues, I’ll be tough to beat. And until I’m out, I’m not changing a thing. Watch out, fish!

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