Well, I didn’t make it through to the next round, but I have an interesting hand to share. I started the tournament under the gun and I was dealt AhQc. The blinds were 20/40, and I had 950 chips. I raised to 125, the player two to my left min-raised to 250, and it was folded around to me. I called 125 and we went to the flop with my opponent having 520 chips behind. Flop came out Jh4h5d, and we both checked. The turn was 7d (which probably didn’t improve my opponent’s hand), so I bet 200 into the pot, thinking that I can get worse hands to fold, and possibly some better hands. Since my opponent only had 520 chips, I figured a bet of 200 would either force him to shove a better hand and I would know that I was behind and could easily fold. He ended up shoving all-in, and I folded, but after the hand was over he showed that he had KQ offsuit. I had to give him props for bluffing me out there.

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