Trading Board Games

On Trading Games

We talk a lot on this site about how various games are related to trading. Poker is our favorite example, but we’ve also mentioned Agricola, Magic: The Gathering, fantasy drafting, and even video games. One may notice, however, that we’ve never mentioned a board game that involves trading. Why is...

Taking Biases out of Fantasy Trades

It’s a classic Fantasy Football situation. Team A has an extra running back, but only one startable wide receiver. Team B has an extra receiver, but only one startable running back. It’s a fantasy match made in heaven, but somehow they’re not able to agree on a trade. How is...
What is He Thinking?

What is He Thinking?

Recently in SIG’s training class, there was a hand of 7 Card Stud/8-or-Better that had an interesting play worth discussing. This is a high/low game, where the best 5-card poker hand out of 7 cards wins half the pot, and the best low hand (that has no card higher than...
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